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The art and technique of designing and building

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we create spaces that inspire
people to engage

IDRAC HAITHAM SAMIR strive to create timeless spaces through a combination of contemporary and classical design concepts our highly motivated and experienced staff offer Creative and Imaginative ideas and design solutions, keeping all aspects of the operation and function, as well as maintenance, environment, and safety in mind.


We work together to determine how interior spaces will function, look and be furnished.
We determine the client’s goals, requirements, timeline and budget.
We believe that there is a lot of charm in the smallest details beauty.


get deep in details
with the 360° technology


furniture choice
should be with a golden fingers



does not fear the test
of fire

but real


is a fire that
sumes us.


haitham samir

  The founder and chairman of Idrac Egypt. since 2004 he started his career experience in interior, exterior, landscape design and architectural solutions. He worked to create internal spaces that are both visually appealing and practical.

  He aims that IDRAC EGYPT will be always recognized as a professional company that is capable of delivering work to influence the lives of all customers and leave a lasting impression on their minds.

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200 Ammar Ibn Yasser ST, South Academy (A), Northern 90 ST, behind downtown-5th Settlement

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