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architecture  Design

  During this stage we begin. by preparing preliminary design sketches and concepts based on the client's requirements and budget which help and illustrate possible options.

  Once we continue, once we are finished we present the schematic design which is followed by the working drawings & construction documents that are required by the local municipalities in order to obtain building permits.


Interior Design

  It is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleased environment for the people using the space.

 We determine the client’s goal, requirements, time line and budget to give the highest quality and beauty knowing his taste, preferences and needs as well as obtaining the available data regarding the project.


A1 (5).JPG

  This is an optional phase where the drawings are reflected in reality under IDRAC’s supervision without any responsibility.

  IDRAC is supposed to supervise giving reports on how the drawings are applied on the site to ensure the highest quality standards in all implementation stages.

  According to BOQ, this service is offered for 15% of total cost of implementation.


  Most of the clients prefer furnishing their units through IDRAC Haitham Samir to insure having the furniture styles and colors shown in the 3D designs.
  Our fully customizable furniture design services are available both to furniture design companies from Egypt or globally like Italy, Germany Turkey and China .. etc. Also from individuals & global furniture designers with fully understanding of manufacturing process.
  This phase also includes extras such as lighting fixtures, accessories and portraits .. etc.

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