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about us

we create spaces that inspire people to engage

  Idrac Haitham Samir firm founded back in 2009, and ever since we’ve been recognized as an industry-leading interior designer in Cairo, we cover architectural innovations, ideas of specific rooms, the new design trends.

our passion is to create spaces that reflect your vision

Bring joy and happiness. We have the skill, knowledge, and attention to details to put your mind at ease through the designing process

in deep with beauty & function

Idrac Haitham Samir Company provides all finishing and decoration services for residential buildings and commercial facilities.

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Things aren't always what they seem, you're only seeing part of us, There's more than you could ever know behind the scenes.



  A self-motivated innovative thinker, with dozens of Successful projects in Egypt & the Middle East. He Leads a team of talented architects, interior designers and other professionals creating unique designs.
Haitham Samir was born on the 1st of July & since 2004, he started his career as architect to gain experiences and apply knowledge and skills that could beneficial A firm.

Haitham Samir believes that the creative is what effectively designer. At IDRAC, the Problems or situations a fresh perspective as well as the understanding of how a product should be product put together using correct materials ensures a product com last in the enviroment it used.
Haitham Samir insists at IDRAC of having understanding of the a detailed understanding of the target market you are designing for will help allaw the final solution to be useful, effective and appropriate.

the ruch to excellence

  In an interview with الجدعان Real Estate tv show engineer Haitham Samir explains the modern methods that we use to provide our services with the highest quality and luxury by using the VR walk through technology, which we are the first to use in Egypt and MENA region.

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