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Types of windows in the house

Windows are one of the most important elements in the house, and attention must be paid to them and the different materials used in their manufacture in order to avoid many problems and for the windows to perform the required function and appear aesthetically.

An window photo the help people to understand the blog informations

There are many types of window materials that vary in function and beauty, such as:




There is strong competition between aluminum and PVC in the manufacture of windows, despite the fact that PVC in the manufacture of windows has recently outperformed aluminum in the manufacture of windows because of its superiority in external sound insulation and heat insulation.

This does not mean that the use of aluminum in windows does not insulate sound or heat. Of course, aluminum insulates sound and heat, but it is superior to PVC.

More important than the material used to manufacture windows is the quality of manufacturing itself, as the manufacture of windows in the wrong way or the presence of voids in the windows results in the entry of dust and insects and an increase in temperatures inside the house

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